Bondi Wash is one of the most natural brands on the market with most products 100% natural, and plant-derived.  We share our ethos below and what makes Bondi Wash distinctive. 

1. Natural formulations.  Most products are 100% natural, and plant-derived.  A few of our products are 99% natural, with the 1% being food-grade preservatives that keep the products shelf stable.

2. Natural fragrance.  Our scents are 100% pure essential oils sourced from quality suppliers and contain no synthetic colours or fragrance. 

3. No toxic chemicals.  We avoid all toxic chemicals including nitrates, ammonia, chlorine, sulphates, coco-betaine, synthetic fragrance, Methylisothiazolinone (MI), parabens, PEG 150, Triethonalomine and Diethonalomine, Triclosan and phthalates.

4. Australian made.  All products are designed in Bondi and manufactured in either Melbourne or Sydney.  Our soap bars and shampoo bar are now manufactured in New Zealand.

5. Gentle on the skin.  Our gentle formulations have been developed with sensitive skin in mind and are recommended for use on babies, children and adults suffering from eczema.

6. Anti-bacterial properties.  The botanical blends have amazing properties and have all been independently tested for their anti-bacterial properties.

7. Effectiveness.  The anti-bacterial effectiveness of the Bondi Wash range is very important – and proven.  Independent lab testing has proven that the Bench Spray, and Mist Spray 'kills 99.99% of germs'.  

Bondi Wash is an innovative Australian-made and owned brand which creates fragrant, natural products featuring the unique properties of Australian botanicals. All naturally scented, Bondi Wash products are designed to bring wafts of natural scent into daily life with products for the home, body, baby, and dog.