New sports to try to get active this summer

New sports to try to get active this summer

Summer is all about holidays, great weather and fun. Whether you’re traveling or staying at home, you may wonder how to stay productive during the day. Staying active is very important and we suggest adopting a healthy lifestyle no matter the season. August has just started, so why not begin a new journey by taking up a sport or hobby? Here you will find a few suggestions of activities you can practice by yourself or with your close ones, who knows, maybe you’ll find yourself a new passion!



Swimming is great way to stay active and cool at the same time. If you can't stand the idea of sweating it out on land on hot summer days, this sport is definitely for you. Whether it’s in a pool or in the sea, competitively or just for fun, it’s a fantastic activity to stay healthy – just make sure to stay safe and swim where a lifeguard can see you.



Tennis can be played during any season, in an indoor or outdoor court. However, playing outside with friendly competition can help you enjoy this sport even more. Not only is it a workout, it’s an activity you can share and have fun doing with anyone you like.



Cycling can be a very intense sport. You may have heard of the Tour de France and how difficult some circuits can be. However, cycling can be a much more light-hearted activity, particularly during the summer. This season offers plenty of opportunities to grab your bike and take a leisurely, scenic ride or just get to where you need to go while enjoying the weather in the process.



If you’re traveling to a seaside location, why not try out snorkeling? Not only will you be able to enjoy the rich underwater life, but you will keep your body active and healthy. Keep in mind that the ocean can be a dangerous place so we strongly suggest practicing this activity with a professional or in a secured space.



Some see golf as a sport, a game, or even an art. Summer is the right season to start golfing, and it’s a great way to meet people and enjoy nature to its fullest. Golf is growing in popularity. It immerses you in the environment and  helps you focus on yourself and relax – you might meet a few animals on the way as well.

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