PRODUCT DESIGN – Bondi Wash Europe




Quality of product and design integrity is how BONDI WASH approaches making choices when we create our product range. With every decision we make, we try and make them as natural, beautifully fragrant, Australian and effective as possible.

We source the most natural ingredients possible.  All our products are 99%+ plant-derived and many are 100% plant-derived.  There are many ingredients you won’t find in our products – ingredients that are very common even in seemingly natural brands: phenoxyethanol, methylisothiazolinone, fragrance, coco-betaine are just a few.

We want to create products that are not just very natural, they are products people really love using.

We care about little details like the quality of oil used in our essential oil blends.  For example, eight different lavender essential oil varieties from around the world (France, Bulgaria, New Zealand and Australia) were tested, with the best one for fragrance and longevity of scent being from a small Tasmanian grower and extractor – which is also ten times the price of some of the other varieties.

We design our packaging to help make our products value for money.  In creating the products, some people advised us to choose pumps and sprays that gave you the most amount with each squirt so the products would run out faster. But you don’t need much for it to be effective, so we have sourced a hand pump that pumps only 1ml instead of the standard 2ml.  Same for the bench spray – the trigger spray gives you less than the other sprays out there.  BONDI WASH products should last longer. 

We looked into creating products that could be labelled organic.  But in the end we felt it was not genuine and not  relevant for the first range of (wash-off) products we are creating.  Products in this category labelled organic never have all organic ingredients as they simply do notexist. Some of the oils sourced for BONDI WASH are indeed organic and all the ingredients are plant-derived.  We felt it was more important to source high quality ingredients which may or may not be labelled organic.  For example, the non-paraben preservatives we use are the latest plant-based technology, costing many multiples of standard preservatives.