Elena and Sara are the creative duo behind the lovely Made in Italy lingerie brand Shh Milano. We had the pleasure to have a chat with them about the philosophy and inspiration behind their creations. 

How was Shh Milano born?

Shh was born almost for fun, from a chat between us, Elena and Sara, one afternoon working in our Studio Tiche (design atelier). We wanted a panty made 100% out of cotton, with that slightly retro aesthetic, discreet but damn sexy, the one of past divas, women who know how to be elegantly irreverent. Our Shh are dedicated to modern heroines who adorn themselves with the grace of a bon-ton and romantic line.

What is the inspiration behind your collections?

Shh is born through eye-gazing at the past, at dreamy style icons, at long summer afternoons, at carefree rides, at scentful grandmothers' hand-washed clothes, at the wit of women who know how to be elegantly cheeky, at half-smiles revealing unsuspected chemistry, at girlfriends, at secrets too good not to be told.

How would you describe your brand in three words?

Retro, romantic, irreverent.

What are the challenges when working with natural fabrics?

Using natural materials has been fundamental for us since the beginning, since underwear is the first layer of clothing we wear and therefore the one most in contact with our skin. In addition, thanks to the texture, the processing such as plumetis and the prints allowed us to give the retro tone that we like so much.

What is the message behind the embroideried lingerie?

The messages are always irreverent and kinky, they are dedicated to a conscious woman with a strong and ironic character.

How do you make it easier for your customers to purchase the right size from your website?

We have a size chart, we indicate the measures of the models, but above all we have a direct contact with clients who can write us via Instagram or email guiding and helping them in their choice, this is essential for us, the comparison helps us to know our audience and to establish a unique relationship with customers.

What advice would you give to women who struggle with their body image?

Don't seek what looks good but what feels good.

How do you take care of your delicates?

Delicate washing and natural drying, if in the countryside and in the open air even better!

How does this collaboration reflect your philosophy?

We are delighted with this collaboration, the story of Bondi and its founder has captivated us, the natural materials, the green philosophy of the brand, the research of ingredients, image and communication have excited us and we immediately identified with the same processes that give life to the products and Shh brand. Sara then spent a period of her life in Sydney and a piece of her heart remained there.

What is your favourite Bondi Wash product and why?

All products are wonderful, but right now our favorite is the Hand Spray, because we can always carry it with us and inebriate us with its wonderful scent, it makes us feel good immediately; when closing our eyes we feel like in a summer camp.

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