We recently had the pleasure of meeting Nigella Lawson at our Bondi Beach flagship store. We had given her a sample of our Purifying Night Balm to try on her first visit - she returned the next day to buy 3 jars.  With such endorsement, we wanted to share a little insight into the launch of our Purifying Night Balm in Europe and how we approach developing new products.  

Product development is a time consuming process and we have spent the past year developing a new face wash, face cream, face mask,  face serum and face mist to include within our range.  We hope to launch them in 2019.

Each Bondi Wash product begins with the formulation of a beautiful scent designed around native Australian ingredients. The scent profile is the cornerstone of the Bondi Wash brand, and it's incredibly important to not only deliver beautifully scented products, but those that are both effective and natural.  

The face scent (Buddhawood & Blackcurrant) involves a complex formulation involving many different oils. Each essential oil is selected with purpose and plays a role in the protection and nourishment of the skin.  Oils are also chosen not to be irritating (some essential oils can irritate). The combination of these oils work to kill bacteria on the skin nourishing, preventing blemishes and removing toxins.

Each additional ingredient is researched thoroughly to ensure the formulation is natural, non-toxic, and non-harmful to the environment and we proudly list all of our ingredients on our packaging.

In our Purifying Night Balm, rosella seed oil for example promotes elasticity and naturally softens the skin; wattle seed oil refines pores. Apricot, coconut, jojoba, sunflower and meadowfoam nourishes, balances and protects.      

Once formulated, our products are then placed in ovens for 3 months to ensure shelf life and stability.  Testing begins on both teenage, mature, and highly sensitive skin. We are of course against animal cruelty and do not test our products on animals.  

Our natural formulations take a lot of time and energy to perfect - which is what makes them so special.  If you would like to be notified of new product releases, please sign up to our receive our regular newsletters.  If there is something you'd like us to develop, please let us know (