Early Summer Essentials - Transitioning from Spring to Summer

Early Summer Essentials - Transitioning from Spring to Summer

As the weather gets warmer and our days get longer, summer seems to be almost here. Short sleeves, sundresses and sandals are back in our closets, ready to be taken out for an outdoor picnic, open terrace drinks and walks by the beach. To help you smoothly transition through the season and have an unforgettable time, we listed some of the most needed essentials for a wonderful Summer.

 A shawl or foulard for chilly nights 

Although the sun and temperatures feel like July during the day, the evening might bring the early summer breeze. The best way to cover up without having to carry a heavy jacket around all day is to bring a shawl or a foulard with you. In case you’re getting too warm, you can easily tie it around your hair or bag — it will bring an elegant and unique touch to your outfit.


What better way to enjoy the new season than taking long walks around the city? In case you’re tired of always wearing sneakers, espadrilles will be a chic touch to any outfit. Also, their versatility and colour variety will save you in any occasion.


Summer is an easy season to choose an outfit, specifically because of the wide variety of sundresses to choose from. Whether you prefer maxi, midi or mini, you can find any type and style to fit your preference. Easy to pair with sneakers, sandals, heels or flats, they will definitely save you time for any occasion.

A good novel 

Days at the beach are right around the corner. With vacations approaching you might want to start looking at some entertainment. What better way to relax than getting lost in a book? Whichever genre you prefer, from fantasy to crime, romance to comedy, having a good novel in your bag is definitely a good idea! 

A camera for memories

Who said film cameras are outdated? Whether you’re spending time with your family or friends, capture those moments with a film camera. You won’t worry about the result until you develop the pictures, helping you enjoy better the present instant with your loved ones.

Stay Away Spray

Now that the temperature allows us to stay outside longer to enjoy dinner and drinks outside, insects are beginning to come reappear. From mosquitoes to flies, these pests have the ability to chase us right back inside, which is why we recommend to start applying appropriate creams and sprays to help you enjoy your evening in peace, without harming the environment.

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