Banksia seed extract is an often overlooked ingredient in the beauty industry although it is starting to gain recognition for its potent antioxidant capabilities. Native to Australia, the banksia has had to develop astonishing adaptation mechanisms in order to survive in extreme environments. This is perhaps why banksia seed extract is so effective against photo ageing of the skin. The secret to its power lies in readily available amino acids and flavonoids present in banksia seed extract which help to nourish and protect the skin.

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein which contribute to the body’s natural self-repair abilities. This is why superfoods containing amino acids are often touted as incredibly nourishing and restorative. Yet, it is little known that this logic also extends to skin health. Amino acids play an active role in the skins ability to heal and repair which ultimately allows it to keep its youthful appearance. Its anti-ageing abilities lie in its ability to supplement and repair the structural and connective proteins that make up the skin. Collagen is one of these proteins which is an anti-ageing hero ingredient in the beauty industry. Yet, collagen has been found not to have an effect when applied to the skin, instead it must naturally be stimulated through other active ingredients. One of these ingredients is amino acids which can be found in high doses in the humble banksia seed.

Aside from the anti-ageing abilities of amino acids, flavonoids found in banksia seeds have also been found to be incredibly restorative to the skin. Flavonoids are compounds found in plant matter which display strong anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. The benefit of antioxidants are well known and countless studies have proven their ability to protect the skin from oxidative stress. As well as being rich in antioxidants, flavonoids are a great compound to have in skin care products as they boost the abilities of others actives. A study done in 2005, found that flavonoids acted synergistically with Vitamins such as C and E to protect the skin from environmental stress.

As well as being beautiful and native to Australia, banksia seeds have potent anti-ageing and restorative properties which help to deeply nourish the skin. Found in our Dog Conditioner and Dry Dog Wash.