Customer comments

Customer comments
Every once in a while we pull together the comments we have received via social media and emails. Here is the latest list of feedback which we have to say makes us pretty proud…


..on a side note Sean told me this is the best dish washing liquid I’ve ever bought! I think so too, but who knew he took any notice @mrssasse post

…I was sold the minute I used them and have now went and bought their popular “best seller box” because I can’t ever see myself not having this stuff in my life @geegee_gem post

Mysterious itchy rash I have had for 15 years now gone since I started using your laundry wash on our sheets @virginiaev on @bondiwash post

I just LOVE this @bondiwash Hand Wash in ‘Peppermint & Rosemary’ with no nasties and the most awesome fragrance!….my husband loves it too @gaylebull23 post

Stuff the baby, I’ve been using this on myself all week – smells amazing @remingtonmaxwellhunt on @naturalsupplyco post

@bondiwash couldn’t be happier with your products! Thanks to you I managed to find the perfect gift for my not-so-easy-to-buy-for in laws and a souvenir-cross-gender-neutral baby gift for a friend who is expecting YAY @absorbi

Bondi Wash Dish Wash is AMAZING, you must give it a try. ….These products are fantastic. Love @casbukor comment on @bloomandco post

Next level dry shampoo @becmarybell on @sukiandcosmo post

Love the Bondi Wash products, somehow make house work more enjoyable! @littlenook_interiors comment on @cornerboothstore post

We LOVE #bondiwash in our house (makes the studio smell great too) @adartdesign on @cornerboothstore post

My favourite bench spray @melissa_robbins comment on @cornerboothstore post

My favourite @bondiwash mopped the floors the house smells amazing @vernacularstyle comment on @sarahshanahan_lifestyle post

Oh yes! I’m obsessed with the bench spray, smells so good. I’ve gotten rid of all the yucky pineoclean crap & Ajax so many toxic chemicals in them @dukestagrammm

Based on the home and dog products these will be sublime for the new bubs xo @sweeychildofmineclothing on @bondiwash post announcing the baby range

The whole range is absolutely lovely. It has nice Aussie ingredients @careep comment on @bondiwash post announcing our products on sale in Japan

I bought this and I must say I’m love love loving it. I use one for the bench and one as a disinfectant for the toilet seat and lid. Smells divine @michellew_65 on @thenaturalsupplyco post

I LOVE them it’s all so divine @lananhannan on @petalmylittle post about our range

I’m looking forward to trying out this range from @bondiwash…I’ve been using the Bondi Wash range for over a year now and there is simply no going back #washingdayjustgotbetter @littledwellings post on the Laundry Wash

You should order some of the Bondi Wash cleaners! They’re amazing @bottledbeautyblog on @thenaturalsupplyco post

I have just finished cleaning part of the house and this brand has proven to be good not only does it do a good job but smells fresh @french_on_scarlet post

Thank you @nourishedlife – I love @bondiwash products too, lovely to use + they smell gorgeous @saraha comment on @nourishedlife post

I absolutely love this product but very hard to find in the shops @citronline on @bondiwash post about the Bench Spray

Great product. I use it everywhere because I love the smell of it @michellesund on @bondiwash post about the Bench Spray

Luv the benchspray! And the hand spray and the floor wash!! My staples @natrich77 comment on @mindovermanor post


David Thomas (@djthomashome) @bondiwash please come to England. We need your products @selfridges please note = amazing range of products. Discovered on trip to Oz.


Firstly have to say I love your products – they smell gorgeous and don’t give me a rash like other cleaning products do Trish

I used your lavender mist spray in my kids bedroom before their naps and oh my goodness! They fell asleep quicker then any other day! I can wait to try the other products of yours, I’m sure to love them just as much! Ai
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